About Us

Achievement Therapy - NY Health and Wellness Provider

Achievement Therapy & Wellness is a multi-specialty center offering a full complement of services. We offer physical therapy and a variety of health and wellness programs to serve the Central New York community.

Our services provide a whole-body approach to wellness. Our services can be had together or you can choose to have a single service to meet your wellness goals. 

Our Services

  • Orthopedics & Sports Rehabilitation 
  • Vestibular, Concussion & Neurological Rehabilitation 
  • Balance and Fall Prevention Programs
  • Therapeutic Wellness Groups
  • Medical Fitness and Wellness


Our Team

Our team of specialists includes professionals from a variety of disciplines. 

You will find that our physical therapists all have advanced degrees in their field:

  • Dr. Ginger Oliver, PT
  • Dr. Ryan Oliver, PT
  • Dr. Kristin Novotny, PT
  • Dr. Rachel Boice, PT
  • Dr. Maggie Armitage, PT

These professionals are well versed in their field so you will always be in the best hands. 

Our Nutritionist is Allison Bowers, MPH, RD, LDN, CDN

And our team is complete with Misty Watkins, COTA, Administrative Assistant / Wellness Coordinator and Bob Shevlin, Billing Specialist.

You can read more about each team member on our team page

What to Expect

When visiting us for the first time you want to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the time of your appointment. Your first appointment will be an evaluation. There is a particular set of documents you will need to fill out depending on your reason for coming and the type of service you require. You can expect to spend around 40 to 60 minutes with us for each session. 

Our Mission 

Our mission is to positively impact the health and wellness of community members locally, nationally, and globally. This is the reason we offer a whole range of services that affect different aspects of health and wellness. If we can make an impact on our local community, this can translate into positivity on a national and global scale. 

Our Vision 

Our vision is to impact the health and wellness of 100,000 lives! We want to start with you and your loved ones here in Utica and its surrounding areas. We hope we get to touch your life. 

Paying It Forward

Our impact is more than the wellness services we offer to our paying clientele. ATW gives back!  We believe in paying it forward. A portion of all our proceeds supports people with disabilities locally, nationally, and globally.

Dr. Ginger Oliver, ATW CEO, is also the founder of the Community Rehab Project, Inc. that was established in 2012. 


If you are looking for NY Health & Wellness services, you have found just what you need here at Achievement Therapy & Wellness. We are located in Utica New, York. Call us today!