Balance and Fall Prevention Programs in Utica, NY

ATW Balance & FAll Prevention Exercise Programs

Our Balance and Fall Prevention exercise programs all have one goal – to help our clients to live independently and to establish and maintain healthy lifestyles. 

It is easy for us to take balance for granted. We all, for the most part of our lives, navigate through our daily routines without much effort, thinking, or fear. But for millions across the world, poor balance is a problem that keeps them and their loved one’s living in fear of a fall. 

A lack of balance is not simply a physical problem. For some, balance issues are caused by long term dizziness. When a fall occurs as a result of a loss of balance, an individual may be at risk of all kinds of injuries. Exercise can help to reduce the chances of falling as well as the chances of having a fall-related injury.

In a study published in the BMJ online, French researchers tested the effect of balance and fall prevention exercise programs on seniors that are at risk of falls and fall-related injuries. The results of the 17 trials showed that exercise programs reduced overall fall-related injuries by 37%, serious injuries by 43%, and reduced broken bones by 61%. Some of the exercises used during the trial were specifically designed to improve balance while others were general exercise programs, and two others were Tai Chi focused. 

The Correlation Between Balance and Injury

When a child falls, they usually shake it off quite quickly and get moving again. An older adult on the other hand will often have consequences for the fall. When older folks fall, they are at a higher risk for breaking bones, which in turn limits their mobility. After a fall, there is often a downward spiral in an adult’s health. Annually, thousands of older Americans die due to a fall that resulted in a broken hip.  

Head injuries are another serious risk of falls that can reduce an individual’s confidence and undermine independence by engendering fear of falling. It is not new that balance training and structured exercise can help to reduce falls and prevent injuries. Fall prevention programs have been around for some time. Our program includes balance training along with regular exercises that improve muscle strength, endurance, and flexibility.

Benefits of Balance And Fall Prevention Training

While the main benefit of this type of exercise program is better balance, there are also other benefits due to the multi-component nature of the exercise program. Some of these benefits include: 

  • Improvements in Coordination

So you will be able to break a fall or fall in a roll instead of crashing down, thus leading to a lower chance of injury. 

  • Increased in Reaction Time

So you can be better able to keep yourself upright if you start to fall by putting out an arm to grab an item that can stabilize you. 

  • Better Muscle Profile 

This means you will be stronger and will have larger muscles protecting your joints and bones which can be better to buffer the impact of a fall. 

  • Better Brain Function

With age and regular exercise, you can maintain your brain function. This can help to reduce and prevent your being in situations that may increase your risk of falling.  

  • Stronger Bones 

Resistance exercises help to build stronger bones which will be more resistant to fractures.

What to Expect from the ATW Balance Center 

Our Balance Center provides community support for establishing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle to promote independent living. By facilitating and empowering individuals to function at their highest level, we can enable them to live independently and be active members of their communities.

Our program follows the CDC evidence-based guidelines for fall prevention.  Evidence shows the key to remaining independent in your home is maintaining your strength, balance, and mobility as well as ensuring your home environment is set up to prevent falls.

We provide FREE Balance Screenings in our clinic to help determine the cause of the balance, dizziness, vertigo, or falls and then recommend the appropriate program and services.

Our Balance Therapy Process 


  • We provide a FREE Screening by our ATW Physical/Occupational Therapy Staff at our clinic.
  • We complete a Fall Risk Assessment recommended by the CDC STEADI Program.
  • Our team will perform a Home Safety Review to determine if an onsite home assessment is needed for individualized home modification needs & equipment.


  • We work with each participant to identify their physical and functional limitations and establish individualized self-care goals.
  • We may recommend our formal Aging in Place Program for clients who are identified that would benefit. Learn more about our Aging in Place Program here.


  • Once a client’s needs are determined, the following programs may be recommended:

We Offer More than In-Office Balance Therapy - We Also Install Balance Aids in Your HomePhysical Therapy for Balance, Dizziness, Falls, Vertigo – Our specialty trained Physical Therapists at ATW treat impairments and functional limitations related to balance, dizziness, vertigo and falls.

Medical Fitness & Wellness Program  –

Our medical fitness program for balance follows the evidence-based Otago Exercise program proven to reduce fall risk.  Learn more about the Otago Program.  We provide monthly check-in with the ATW Rehab Team to progress programs as the client improves – the key to success in fall prevention!  

We perform vital sign checks upon each visit to our clinic.  Here, you will also have supervised use of all exercise equipment during our operating hours.

Home Modification Program –

We can assist you to make your home accessible, so you can stay in your own home rather than enter institutional living. Through these often-small modifications, we enable you to live safely and independently in your own home and remove the barriers to accessing and being active in your community.

Our team goes to the client’s home to assess the safety of inside and outside spaces. This can ensure there are no hazards and we’ll provide solutions to enhance home safety.  Home Assessments are performed by licensed Occupational or Physical Therapy staff, and we provide a cost-effective Home Modification Plan that we review with the client &/or significant other.  

Home modifications and equipment recommended are all based on individual needs and may include items such as grab bars, raised toilet seats, tub benches, handheld shower hoses, accessible door handles, ramps, and/or rails.


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Falls can have a number of serious consequences which get worse as we age. In the United States, 25% of adults that are over the age of 65 have fallen. 3 million elderly individuals are treated in emergency departments annually for fall injuries.

We Follow the CDC Guidelines for Stopping Elderly Accidents, Deaths & Injuries

While we can’t prevent all falls, there are exercises that can help to improve balance and strength. This can then greatly reduce the chances of falling and reduce the risk of injuries that result from falls. That is how our program works and that is why it can be used to support and maintain independent living. 

If you have a loved one you think is at risk of falls, our balance and fall prevention exercise program could be just what they need. Don’t wait for them to have their first fall, start them off with our balance therapy beforehand. Give us a call, we are ready to help

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