Therapeutic Wellness Groups

Therapeutic Group Activities Offered by ATW

If you are looking for a practice that offers therapeutic group activities in New York, look no further than right here at Achievement Therapy & Wellness. We have a wide range of professionals to meet a variety of therapeutic wellness needs. 

Our Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Language Pathology staff provide therapeutic wellness group programs for clients requiring more direct, skilled assistance than available at traditional gyms.  Clients benefit from the knowledge and skills of the therapists & the group atmosphere, but also work on individualized needs.  This option is great for clients with high copays for specialist visits for formal therapy. 

We do not want high copays to deter clients from achieving their personal health goals.   For example, a patient receiving therapy 3 times per week with a $40 copay will cost $480 a month in copays. Clients needing more than one rehabilitative therapy can pay over $1400 a month in copays!  We aim to fill this gap by providing another more affordable option for appropriate clients.

Lower Body Function, Fitness and Balance Development                              

This therapeutic group is led by licensed Physical Therapy staff and is intended for clients who may require additional lower body training such as stretching, strengthening, endurance, balance, and coordination training.  This group is intended for clients who are pre and post Total Joint Replacement and for those with lower body strength and balance deficits. We utilize the Otago Evidence-Based Fall Prevention Program to maximize results.

Our feet, ankles, knees and hips are all dependent on each other to maintain mobility, but if one is weak or is malfunctioning the body will compensate. This usually leads to misalignment and instability. This may further cause other problems outside of the original problem if it is not addressed early on. 

Our programs will include specific exercises for lower body stretching and strengthening in a fun group atmosphere. 


Upper Body Function, Fitness and Dexterity Development

This therapeutic group is led by licensed Occupational Therapy staff and is intended for clients who may require additional upper body development for functional tasks and improved occupational performance. The group will work on upper body stretching, strengthening, endurance, coordination and functional training tailored to client’s needs.

All our work, leisure activities and self care activities require the use of your upper body. Disease, injury and congenital conditions can cause a loss of upper body function. Our team offers specialized and highly skilled care group sessions that will help to improve your recovery and help you to return to a product life much faster. 

Our specialists are licensed and have the experience as well as the advanced studies necessary to treat various conditions affecting the hands, wrists, forearms, elbows and shoulders.

This group will help to manage chronic and acute pain and also help with orthotic function. Our team will train you in ergonomics, body mechanics and daily living activities. We will teach you how to modify some of the ways in which you do things to reduce pain and increase efficiency and self-sufficiency. 

Conversation Group for People affected by Strokes and Brain Injuries

This therapeutic services group is led by licensed Speech and Language Pathology staff and is designed to help people with difficulties speaking and communicating. This group will include having conversations, skills development, and making connections with others who have had similar experiences.

Survivors of a stroke often are left with brain injury. In order for them to rebuild their independence they will require rehabilitation. This can be achieved through the group therapy services offered here at Achievement Therapy & Wellness.  Speech and language therapy is involved at every stage of stroke and brain injury recovery.

As it relates to communication we know how important it is to regain communication skills to a stroke survivor. Their stroke may make them difficult to understand and this can be frustrating for them and their family members and other loved ones close to them. When it is difficult to understand what they are saying if they say anything at all you should seek professional help like that which is offered here. 

Communication difficulties can greatly reduce the confidence of those who survive a stroke or brain injury. They may be hesitant to return to daily activities such as social occasions, work and leisure activities. With speech group therapy they get to see they are not alone with the struggles they face. This can help provide them with a more positive outlook and help them to better embrace their therapy and the progress they make regardless of how small it may seem. 

Prior to placement in the therapy group, our team will assess the following communication aspects that may be affected by stroke: 

  • Receptive Aphasia 
  • Expressive Aphasia 
  • Difficulty finding the words they want to use 
  • Difficulties with reading 
  • Difficulties with writing 
  • Slurred speech caused my muscle weakness
  • Speech that is difficult to understand
  • Dyspraxia – difficulty in moving muscles in correct sequence for clear speech 

Full Access Wellness Membership!

Clients who participate in our Wellness Therapeutic Group Program will also receive a full wellness membership including vital signs, check every visit and unlimited, supervised use of gym equipment throughout business hours.

Discounts offered for clients needing more than one therapeutic group.  Additional therapeutic group activities to be added as needed.

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